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Журнал Атомная стратегия
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Re: Цитата: вправду считаете США и ЕС ''ядром мировой цивилизации''? (Всего: 0)
от на 30/09/2019

Those beggars only started to appear in numbers in German cities after the east-expansion of the EU. Before that you might have rarely seen any German begging on the street. Most of them were alcoholics begging for booze-money, and some of them were actually very entertaining and well known among the cititzens.In fact, some of the most entertaining beggars made more money through begging than working people made through honest work. Officials had to put a stop to that by forbidding "obtrusive begging" (based on §118 OWiG), which means a beggar is not allowed to actively address strangers and and ask for money - holding out their hand or putting a hat/can/mug for the money in front of them is the only thing they are permitted to do.
Many of the homeless people you will come across have alcohol or drug related problems, and some have psychic illnesses, they often suffer from shizophrenia for example. My experience is that they all know they don't have to be living on the streets, but they actively chose to. Some because they want to avoid the violence in the shelters, some because of proud which prevents them from accepting the help, some because they are hiding their illness from authorities and don't want to get threated in psychiatry. And as a new group you have the mostly eastern europe homeless immigrants who will tell you that being homeless in germany is still better than being homeless in, lets say, russia. There are about 85.000 homeless people here. I personally never give any money, i buy juices, coffee, tea and food and hand them printed out info about local shelters, streetworkers, etc. I offer help and advice, but accept that it gets refused 99% of the time.

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